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Learn Practical Ethical Hacking -2023 | Zero to Professional

"Unleash Your Inner Hacker: Master Practical Ethical Hacking to Safeguard Networks & Uncover Security Risks!" Practical ethical hacking course ! 130+ Labs and Realtime scenarios with lab activities | Enterprise pentesting tools


 19 Modules | 320 Sessions | 30 hour 42 min 6 sec Total Time

91% off  INR  26500
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Instructor: SiemHunters Language: English

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About the course

Hi Techies..! 

Welcome this Latest tactics, techniques of Ethical Hacking course in 2023 | This course Designed from scratch to professional with latest tools and techniques and ethical hacking concepts along with Web application, network, wireless, cloud, server, and system/endpoint based pentesting. in this course you'll learn from 20+ ethical hacking modules with NO prior Experience & knowledge and end of this course you'll become a Security Expert & Pentesting Professional

This course is both theory and practical sessions. first, we explain Kali Linux's complete setup, architecture, File-systems, and effective usage of commands and servers in Linux machines, then we'll dive you to an ethical hacking theory party along with practical hands-on sessions and each session Tools are attached, you can learn how to install tool and practical while learning also.

You'll learn web applications, network scanning & exploitations, wireless, servers, system hacking & endpoint exploitation and cloud pentesting also. We understand student view thats why we divided this course into two sections (Theory and practical).

End of the course you will learn latest ethical hacking tactics, techniques and tools used for hacking and penetration testing in various levels.

Topics covered in this course:

1. Lab Setup (Kali linux & windows VMware installation and configuration)

2. Complete kali Linux course (commands, architecture, file-system, services, and servers)

3. Practical Shell scripting & Pentesting automation scripts (you'll learn how to create automation scripts using shell scripting)

4. Understand Ethical hacking overview & Footprinting

5. Understanding network security and network scanning techniques (using NMAP, angryip-scanner, Ping, HPING3 other 10+ tools)

6. Understanding enumeration process and create active connections

7. System hacking (Windows, Unix using latest tools and techniques) 

8. Understanding Sniffing and MITM attacks (Wireshark)

9. Understanding Social Engineering and Phising, Smishing, and Spear-phishing attacks

10. Understanding Vulnerability analysis using automation and manual

11. Denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks and mitigation process

12. Session hijacking in web applications and mitigation steps and counter attacks

13. understanding Web application pentesting and OWASP top 10

14. Learn Practical SQL Injection (error, boolean, time based, union, and blind Injections)

15. Understanding server exploitations and mitigation steps

16. Understanding Wireless attacks and latest tools with countermeasures

17. Understanding Andriod and IOS exploitation and working with backdoors to gain unauthorized access

18. Understanding Cloud attacks and deployments

19, Cryptography techniques


Who this course is for:

1. Ethical hacking professionals

2. Student who wants to learn cyber security

3. Cyber security interested students

4. Security experts and professionals

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