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     #Wireshark Essentials

Wireshark Essentials with Latest tactics and Techniques

Unleash the Power of Network Analysis: Master Wireshark Essentials for Effective Troubleshooting and Network Optimization. | learn wireshark essentials with new threats


 3 Modules |  70 Sessions |  8 hour 30 min 6 sec Total Time

91% off  INR  26500
Life-time Access | Certification
Instructor: SiemHunters Language: English

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About the course

Hi Techies..!

Welcome to the Wireshark Essentials from SiemHunters. This course that has potential to change your Professional life into defense side cyber security domain. this course made from our industrial cyber security expert Mr. Gopi Pakanati and Instructor Ramya Sri Pachala.


In this course content helps to level up your skills in Cyber threats, wireshark filters, kali linux, and latest password attacks and sniffing concepts, you'll understand osi layers with detailed explanations.


Course Outline:

Complete Kali Linux Commands-Line:  To understand the how attackers execute offensive commands in your infra to gain unauthorized access.

Advanced Cyber Threats: To understand latest threats, and attacks in modern attack surface.

Wireshark deployment : wireshark installation and configurations

Working with Wireshark: understand filters, and sniff traffic between unencrypted channels

Suspicious detection: investigate suspicious and unauthorized downloads in your organization.

Detecting passwords: sniff traffic using unencrypted channels and analyze password attempts

Troubleshoot Network issues: understand network trouble shooting

-Packet anaslysis: Analyze packets, Detect different Network threats / attacks and Optimize Wireshark to increase productivity .


This Course designed for:


  • New fresher graduates in cyber security or other fields
  • who explore cyber security to become a cyber expert
  • Cyber security Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Managers
  • Qualys guard VM based reports
  • IT Professionals


All the best techies..!

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