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#Qualys VMDR | Qualys Cloud Agent

Qualys Cloud Agent Course with Hands-on Practicals

"Master the Power of Qualys Cloud Agent and deployments: Qualys cloud agent course with enterprise scenarios and lab practicals to understand deployment and fine-tunning in VMDR.


 2 Modules | 24 Sessions |  1 hour 27 min 6 sec Total Time

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Instructor: SiemHunters Language: English

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About the course

Learn a practical Qualys Cloud Agent deployments, fine-tunning and on-demand scans with VMDR (Vulnerability management and detections & Response). This course designed by an Expert in Cyber security and SOC (areas of Threat Hunting, Forensics, and Incident Response) with over 8+ years of experience, in this course you will learn VMDR approach and deploy cloud agent, asset queries and fine-tunning. This course designed by Gopi Pakanati 


In this course you'll learn qualys cloud agent deployments, MSI installers, Queries, Asset management, and fine-tunning in VMDR console.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to become an expert in Cybersecurity especially security analyst, soc analyst and cloud agent administrators. This volume covers the required foundation building blocks of that skillset.
  • For anyone who easily gain a practical skillset in deployments, agent creations, de-install tasks, and finetunning.
  • This course cover all major areas of cloud agent in VMDR

Topics covered:

Lab 1 - Cloud agent Deployment

Lab 2 - Cloud Agent Installation Components

Lab 3 - Command Line Installations - Windows

Lab 4 - Command Line Installations - MSI - Installer

Lab 5 - validate CA Installation and Locate HOST ID and log

Lab 6 - CA Log file and troubleshoot

Lab 7 - asset Details & Queries

Lab 8 - Windows Self Protection feature

lab 9 - Configuration and Tunning the cloud agent

Lab 10 - Scan on-Demand VMDR

Lab 11 - De-install (Activate, De-activate, Uninstall agents)

Course Curriculum

Course Feedback

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