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Complete Kali Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting

"Master the Kali Linux command line, unleash the power of Kali Linux to Automate your pentesting skills in Real-world, and become a scripting virtuoso with this comprehensive course!"


 19 Modules | 320 Sessions | 30 hour 42 min 6 sec Total Time

91% off  INR  26500
Life-time Access | Certification
Instructor: SiemHunters Language: English

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About the course

Hello techies...!


Welcome to complete kali Linux commands and shell scripting course with practicals from siemhunters

you'll Learn a practical Complete kali linux directories, commands, file system, metasploit, and user-management with Shell scripting real-time pentesting scenarios. In this course you'll understand how to use the Kali Linux commands effectively and how to use that commands in enterprises to complete your tasks. This course designed by Gopi Pakanati and Instructor Ramya Sri Pachala


By the end of this course you will be able to use linux command line with effective input arguments and create bash scripts with ease. you'll create shell scripts to automate your tasks in real-world.


Shell Scripting for Linux, Unix, Mac, and more..!

you'll be able to use these scripting in any platform and even run in other operating systems as well (Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, RedHat, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, Kali Linux)


Who this course is for:

  • Linux Administrators
  • Shell scripts experts
  • Playbook creators for siem, and other distributions
  • Pentesting experts
  • Security Analyst
  • Anyone interested in shell scripting or shell programming.

Course Outline:

  • Kali Linux Installation
  • Kali linux directories
  • Important tools for security professional
  • Vi editor
  • Unix filter commands
  • unix communication commands
  • Linux file system
  • Kali Linux Commands
  • whoami
  • who
  • w
  • uname
  • ls, Mkdir, rmdir, rm etc.. 42+ Commands with detailed explanation with real-time explanation
  • Sed
  • egrep
  • awk
  • grep
  • pipe
  • Shell Scripting control statements
  • Shell scripting Loops
  • shell scripting functions
  • shell scripting operators
  • Command_Line arguments
  • pentesting automation - Project 1
  • pentesting automation - Project 2
  • Pentesting automation - Project 3

Course Curriculum

Course Feedback

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